Ofer Lellouch – The Hand that Thinks

                                    The Hand that Thinks    Pierre Restany "Narcissism, before being self-love, is the impossibility of making the distinction between the reality and the model of the reality", Ofer Lellouche says to us. This narcissism is the prerogative of all the great contemporary artists who have remained concerned to transfix in their work this instant that is so fleeting and aleatory, yet irrevocable once it appears: the thrill [frisson] of the encounter between the reality and…Read more

Ofer Lellouche and the Alchemical Skull

  Ofer Lellouche and the Alchemical Skull Arturo Schwarz  A couple of huge faceless heads, in which two deep furrows hint at deep-set sightless eyes, stare at us. The nose is another sinister cavity and the mouth is effaced, mute, non-existent. It is speechless. The heads, molded with art, spell silence. A silence, which, in the words of the alchemist Michael Maier, resounds like thunder. Death is absolute silence. Did Lellouche wish to create a head or, unconsciously reluctant, a skull? Indeed, a work of art is always, in one-way or another, also…Read more